Eating and weight loss coaching will change your relationship to food and weight forever

What is eating and weight loss coaching?

Coaching differs from traditional diet and exercise plans by focusing on the real reason you eat too much.  A lot of us dismiss our overeating as lack of willpower or greed, but whenever we are overeating or binge eating, we are doing so to feel better emotionally, even if we don’t realise it.  Anytime we eat with our emotional needs instead of our body’s needs, we end up with extra weight.  This is why diets fail for so many.  Diets take away that food we need to feel better without replacing it.  That battle between needing food to feel better and trying to eat less is why so many of us spend years yo-yo dieting and obsessing about food.  Coaching interrupts this cycle by getting to the bottom of what food is giving you, teaching you how to let go of that need forever.

Is weight loss coaching right for you?

Do you find you are almost constantly thinking about food and/or weight?

Are you always on a diet or about to start one?

Do you have regular thoughts of body hate?

Do you have a history of losing weight and then putting it back on?

Does your weight stop you from living the life you want?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, then coaching is right for you.  Coaching can free you from a life of obsession, anxiety and fear caused by food and weight.  By looking at your real reasons for eating, we can work to understand why you do what you do, and then change it.  Weight is a symptom of how you have learnt to deal with a deeper problem, not the problem itself.  Coaching looks at all the parts of your life that affect how you eat, then together we find ways to help you feel happier and more in control of how you feel. 

I can relate through experience

Me and my weight loss journey

About me

My history with food and weight lasted over 20 years before I could finally understand it and let it go.  Weight and food consumed me when I hit puberty.  I got lost in it, I had no idea who I was; I was just fat.  As I got older I noticed more and more that I was different.  I became convinced that I was ‘wrong’ and I had to make myself like everyone else.  So, I started doing what everyone else does, I dieted.  I thought it was the answer to everything and soon it took over my life.  I lost weight repeatedly, each time putting it back on, and with each failure it compounded everything I hated about myself.  I cried each day until I felt sick; I echoed the loneliness and emptiness I felt inside by cutting myself off from the world.  No one saw it.  I was a model employee and friend, I said the right things, and I was what everyone wanted me to be.  I never complained, I hardly even spoke, and I never talked to anyone about how I felt because of the crippling shame.  The only comfort I had was food.  It was my prison and my pleasure.  I would eat for hours, non-stop, blocking out every feeling and thought.  With each mouthful, I felt like I was finally living but when I stopped it felt like dying. 

After years of dieting, binging and starving, I hit rock bottom.  I was on anti-depressants, living a perfectly disguised hell and facing another 20 years of being overweight.  Then I picked up a book by accident, nothing to do with weight or body, but it triggered something in me to learn.  The book was ‘F*ck It Therapy’ by John C. Parkin and it was purely the title that attracted me.  It started me on a road of questions.  I became obsessed with how our minds overpower our bodies, about the connections between thoughts, emotions and eating. Through the methods now teach I coaching, I lost 12 stone and have kept it off for almost 4 years.  4 years of freedom from dieting I never believed I could have.